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Why Novva Studio?

At Novva Studio, we not only design stunning spaces; we offer strategic support that drives the success of each project. We take pride in being the preferred choice for those seeking more than a service; they seek a strategic partner committed to excellence. Discover how Novva Studio can elevate your projects to new heights.


We commit to being strategic partners for developers, construction companies, and architectural studios. We aim to surpass expectations, providing innovative design solutions and exceptional business advice. We strive to be the unique choice for those looking to work comprehensively with a single trusted provider, delivering tangible and sustainable results.


Integrity: We guide our work with the highest professional ethics, building lasting relationships based on transparency and trust.

Innovation: We embrace creativity and innovation in every project, constantly pushing the boundaries of architectural design and business advice.

Collaboration: We believe in the importance of collaborating closely with our clients, understanding their needs and goals to achieve exceptional results.


Meet Juan and Gastón, the visionary founders of Novva Studio. Juan, a leading architect, oversees operations of high-quality renders, 360 visualizations, and interior and exterior design. Gastón, a Bachelor in International Relations, specializes in business advice, brochure writing, marketing, copywriting, and website development, enhancing our clients’ presence with innovative strategies.

Gastón Busquets

Co-Founder CEO

Lic. Relaciones Internacionales

Juan Ignacio Galetto

Co-Founder COO


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